Art and the Urban Commons

We have used the collaborative framework of the Coventry Creates commissions to exchange ideas around our shared interest in the city. We are both engaged with exploring how best to imagine a transformative, equitable and democratic place to live and work. This exchange has resulted in two new artistic outcomes: the first edition of a reiterative poster work entitled How to practise culture-led re-commoning, produced by Partisan Social Club (adjusted by Gary Hall); and a moving-image work Phoenix City 2021 (Reprise), produced by Duncan Whitley in collaboration with composer Abul Mogard.

We see this collaborative exchange facilitated through Coventry Creates as part of an ongoing dialogue around issues arising from our research and practice. Phoenix City 2021 (Reprise) will screen in February 2022, as part of the inaugural SPACeX meeting in Eindhoven, in which the latest iteration of How to practice culture-led re-commoning will also be presented.




2021 to 2022


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