Digital literacy which is considered as life skill in the digital age by UNESCO’s Information for All Programme (IFAP). Young people in tertiary education are called Z generation and they grow with digital technologies from the moment they were born. It is a necessity for the new generation to be trained according to the new conditions and to develop skills appropriate for the age. However, students spend time with digital technologies generally for entertainment, playing games and socializing in the virtual world. This project is designed to meet the need of university students by improving their ability of surviving in the digital age. In order to improve the digital literacy skills of university students
a new elective course on digital literacy will be developed.

Impact statement

Digital literacy skills of university students are improved.

Capacity building of universities on providing digital literacy skills are improved

Tools for providing digital literacy skills are developed

Cooperation among partners is strengthened

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09/2019 to 02/2022


European Commission (Erasmus+)




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