Performing AI

Francesco Tacchini of DMSTFCTN and Eva Jäger of Serpentine planning the performance of DMSTFCTN’s ‘GOD MODE’. Photo: Kevin Walker 

This project addresses the question of what role AI art practice can play in exploring alternative versions of AI, and in fostering its public understanding by using a game and performance to present a fictional scenario aimed at helping young people understand the technicalities and ethics around AI. Young people share large amounts of personal data with AI systems via social media, online shopping, apps, sensors and trackers; and AI systems in turn increasingly influence how they learn, work, play and socialise. We engage young people through a live audiovisual performance at project partner Serpentine Gallery, and a downloadable game, both created by artist duo DMSTFCTN. The plot concerns a frustrated AI destined for deployment in a cashierless store. Further information at 

Still from GOD MODE performance by artist duo DMSTFCTN.  
Artist duo DMSTFCTN demonstrating their performance GOD MODE in preparation for live performance at Serpentine. Image: Kevin Walker 




07/2022 to 11/2022


The Alan Turing Institute




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