Postdigital Intimacies and the Networked Public Private

The network looks to create new knowledge on intimacy in a postdigital context. It understands intimacy in the broadest sense. Where most accounts of intimacy focus on sexual or kinship relationships, the network looks to widen this, thinking about intimacy as a relational concept, or series of relationalities.

These relationalities are today inseparable from a postdigital context. The network understands this postdigital context as one where the digital has become deeply intertwined and inseparable from how we understand ourselves, our bodies, other people and our worlds.

We apply this concept to a range of spaces where divisions between public and private are now seen as indistinct.


The project aims are to:

  • Bring together an international network of academics who, together, will drive forward new accounts of a ‘postdigital intimacy’ and develop robust and insightful academic knowledge that has the capacity to seed future research.
  • Combine these academic discussions with activities that make our work matter in ways that will create future-proof positive change and interventions into a range of significant public national and global challenges through new and emerging research.
  • Create knowledge on postdigital intimacies that can be easily shared and disseminated further afield, with the capacity to be used by a range of audiences, especially PhD and ECRs.


Recorded talks on YouTube.

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